Help for clients on the use of our Portal.

Creating your account

You need to do this if:

  • you have never been in touch with the White Ensign Association before; or
  • you have been in touch with us before, but have not used this system.

In this process, you create your sign-in credentials, which will then give you access to our records.

You will need a working email address, which will serve as your username. If you have been in touch with us before, this must be the same email address that you used for communicating with us before. Your password does not need to be the same as a password you may have used with us before.

To proceed, click the sign-in button at top-right of this page and follow the instructions.

Your Profile

All clients must complete a Profile in order to use of the services offered by the White Ensign Association.

If you are a new client, you will be presented with a blank Profile when you first sign in. Please complete this as fully as you can – it will help us to help you more efficiently.

If you have been involved with us before, when you sign in you will be presented with your Profile as last recorded by us. You are free to edit and update this as you see fit.

Save your new or edited Profile using the Save button at the end of the Profile before moving away from the My Profile page.

Your Profile tells us what sort of Client you are (‘Beneficiary’ – looking for some advice or assistance; or ‘Corporate’ – interested in advertising vacancies or looking for potential employees).

Once you have created and saved your Profile:

  • Beneficiary Clients can go on to create a Case, and view any pre-existing Cases. A Case gives us the information we need in order to provide the advice or assistance you need.
  • Corporate Clients must await notification that their details are approved. Once approved, you can place job advertisements and search our database for potential employees.
  • All clients can browse or search our Job Board
  • All clients can amend their profile at any time

All these services are accessed from the Menu at the top of every page.


If you describe yourself as a Beneficiary or Employment Services Client on your Profile, and you need us to take action to provide you with some assistance, please create a Case using the menu at the top of the page.

Cases can be either ‘Employment Services’ or ‘General Assistance’. Employment Services gives you the ability to publish your profile online to our Corporate Clients, and many other employment-related benefits. General Assistance gives access to help and advice on a range of financial, legal and personal matters. See our main website for full details of the services available to you.

If you create an ‘Employment Services’ case, your Profile will be extended to include additional details to help prospective employers find you. The extended Profile allows you to view the version of the Profile that is seen by prospective employers, and to turn it on and off as you require.